May 01, 2017

Ready For the Storm: Alltrolite® Storm Lantern & Spotlight

Were looking at the strong and rugged build of the dual purpose light, you’ll feel safe and prepared for the most dangerous terrain. You need the best lights for your next camping trip and you’ve found the right one. Made from the strongest and toughest military grade materials available, this spotlight or lantern whichever purpose you intend to apply it for will serve you and never disappoint. While you are on the spot, the handling features will deliver. If you are on the move, you’ll have a good grip on it.

Amazing Functionality

With just a click of a button, you can light up your environment in the darkest of places. Alltrolite® Storm Lantern & Spotlight will give you the rest you deserve when it comes to unwinding without being scared about lighting needs. In terms of energy consumption, the spotlight is efficient enough to illuminate the environment and scare away rodents from your camp tents.


If there’s something adorable about Alltrolite® Storm Lantern & Spotlight, it is the lightweight which makes it easy to carry around without feeling extra weight. At just 13 oz. even your 5 years old will be able to carry it around. The lightweight and size will allow it to fit inside your backpack without consuming extra space and giving you extra load. Built in a collapsible form to fit in perfectly inside any space, Alltrolite® Storm Lantern & Spotlight prepares you for any emergency that may occur.

Extra Bright

If you understand the brightness of light, 250 lumens is more like half sunshine on the brightest day. The lantern will beam white light without any disruption or discoloration. Nonetheless, despite the bright light, the lantern is always on energy saving mode that provides it a long lifetime of use. This is not your usual lamps that get tired with long usage, it gets better on the battery life.


Dual Purpose

Just like paying for one and get another free, a dual-purpose gadget for everyday outdoor use. Alltrolite® Storm Lantern & Spotlight is built to serve both as a flashlight and as a Lantern. The built is like that of a lantern meant to stand on it own and also flashlight with a good handle for great grip. You will be able to use this as a stationary light and also as a mobile light, either way Alltrolite® Storm Lantern & Spotlight will deliver exceptionally with bright light with an extended battery life. Inside the package is 3 AA battery that will stand the test of time before replacement.


There’s More…

Not just about camping, there’s more Alltrolite® Storm Lantern & Spotlight  can do. You can use this as a study light or a work light, it is that versatile. Knowing you may be going to a wet and misty environment, the lantern is built to be water-resistant to withstand the most unpredictable environment. That’s


Based on experience and testing, Alltrolite® Storm Lantern & Spotlight is a market leader. Not just because of the great built and durability, or the dual purpose functioning, but the ability to deliver excellently whenever it is needed.