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9 LED Ultraviolet UV Blacklight Flashlight

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DESCRIPTION Are you away from home for long periods of time, have a puppy, older pet, an animal suffering from...

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Are you away from home for long periods of time, have a puppy, older pet, an animal suffering from separation anxiety, or gets upset when you are away?
If you are a pet owner this may be you. We Love our pets but not always what happens when we are out. Wish you had eyes on the back of your head?

Spots Light instantly and easily reveals exactly where your furry friend has soiled your home. You can smell it, but actually finding it can be tricky. No more sniffing around the house trying to locate smelly stains. Face it, you are NOT a dog! Spots Light UV flashlight will glow stains up like the Vegas Strip leaving NO DOUBT where the problem lies. We Recommend using enzyme cleaner so the area is not revisited.

These are some of the very few ideas that you can use this handy light for!
1. Pet Stain Detector
Rather than pouring time and money into cleaning your whole house if a pet has made a mess, shine the UV flashlight and the
stains will show, makes for a much easier clean up.
2. Hotel Use
You can always take this handy guy whether you stay in a 5 star Hilton or a 1 star Flithton! Use the UV light to make sure everything is clean and safe.
You never know where there are going to be a bunch of nasties all around!
3. Counterfeit Protection
The UV light reveals ‘hidden’ anti-counterfeit symbols to ensure the authenticity of important documents like passports and ID’s.
The light can even authenticate US and foreign currencies. Now you don't have to look like an idiot holding the money into the light and making people feel weird!
Keep one at the register at all times.
4. Bug Spotter
Wait until it gets dark and shine the UV light on your vegetable patch to catch bugs and pests.
The UV flashlight is also excellent for spotting scorpions. Scorpions glow a vibrant blue-green color under a UV light.

1. If the ultraviolet led flashlight does not turn on, please check batteries and battery case whether they are installed correctly(e.g. with correct polarity);
2. The ultraviolet led black light works best in dark environment, the darker it is, the better it works;
3. Can only spot dried urine stain;
4. For few dark color carpets, the reflected stain color will be close to the color of the carpet, making it harder to see;
5. Do not shine directly into eyes;
6. Remove the batteries if unused for a long time.

Product # FA2201


Max Output

120 lumens

Max Beam Distance

80 meters

Max Beam Intensity

3700 cd

Max Run time

330 h 0 m / 13.75 d






3 x AAA (Not Include)

Special Modes

Low, High, SOS

Beam color

White light, Red


2.99 oz




Gear, High CRI Model, Outdoor/Camping, Search




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  • 1 x AlltroLite® 9 LED Ultraviolet UV Blacklight Flashlight

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