AlltroLite LED Magnetic Pickup Tool Flashlight Gift Set

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Durable and small, this tool is great for finding those metal nuts, bolts, screws and other metal pieces that have...

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Durable and small, this tool is great for finding those metal nuts, bolts, screws and other metal pieces that have found their way into areas otherwise inaccessible to hands and eyes. This magnetic pick-up tool is a brilliant item to have on hand in the home, garage, yard and office.
Magnet 3 x LED Magnetic Pickup tool, Telescoping Flexible Extensible Led Flashlights pick-up tools
  • ☀ 3 LED bulbs - 50 Lumens, 360 degree illumination provides tight, hard to reach places for greater visibility where most flashlights can't
  • ☀ Powerful Magnetic Head for retrieving items such as nuts, bolts, and screws And Strong Magnetic Base for hands-free use by placing the magnet pickup tool onto a magnetic surface
  • ☀ 360° Flexible Telescoping Neck is extendable to 22 inches for maneuvering around hard to reach places
  • ☀ Easily Retrieve Dropped Items with the extremely handy RAK Magnetic Pickup Tool Telescoping Flashlight. Great for automotive repairs, HVAC, boating, camping, fishing, and for anyone's toolbox!
  • ☀ 4x LR44 Batteries (Included) and Stainless Steel Pocket Clip. Length: 7 inch. Extendable to 22 Inches


AlltroLite Portable 3 LED Telescopic Flexible Extendable Led Flashlights Torch is a great gift for Technicians, Home and Work Places.

AlltroLite 3 LED Telescopic Flashlight is an absolutely brilliant idea, pocket design that's ultimately practical and useful. It's not only a torch, also a magnet.The head of the torch has an integrated magnet. The powerful magnets can lift objects weighing up to 1kg. The torch is just 16.5cm long so you can easily fit it into your bag, glove compartment, suitcase, backpack or pocket. It is telescopic and can be extended up to an impressive 22 inch; giving you this extra "life saving" reach when your keys fall through a grid into a sewer or you need to reach deep under your heavy sofa.
The tight space behind your radiators will no longer be inaccessible. Fixing your car will become so much easier knowing that you can reach your tools, parts, screws or nuts that have fallen down, without having to crawl under your car.
The head of the lamp has a bending neck with 360degree flexibility so you can light up awkward, cramped, hard-to-reach areas and also you can reach with it like with a hook shaped tool. It is a great gift for anyone. Women or men, younger or older, children or elderly, anyone will benefit from having the extremely practical Flexible Torch.

Easy to Use, Always Have a Light With You For Safety:

Simply press on the rubber button on the bottom end to turn ON/OFF

Extends up from 7 inch to 22 inch

360 degree flexible head

2 Magnets - Magnetized head and base

Convenient to Carry:

Only weighs 102 grams and small enough to fit in your pockets.

Long Lasting and Incredibly Bright Light:

Usable light up to 12 hours of use and can be seen from up to a meters away at night.

Tough and Durable:

Drop resistant, water resistant and almost unbreakable LED which lasts for 100,000 hours.stacles the dark tries to hide.




3 Powerful LED Light
Extends up from 7 inch to 22 inch
​Lumens: 50
Light Source Type: LED
Light Color: White
​Light Body Color: BLACK
Battery Description: 4 x AG13 LR44 batteries
Light Feature: Two Mode On/OFF
Weight: 102 grams

What's Included?

4x AG13 LR44 Batteries (Included)

Please Note: Avoid Eye Injury - Do not shine the flashlight beam directly into anyone's face or stare directly into the beam. If this product is used improperly it could cause retina damage.

Perfect Gifts for Men, Family & Friends:

Highest Rated Outdoor Backpacking Gear, Camping Backpack and Hiking LED product for anyone looking for a high quality, great value product for the camping world to enjoy with the people you love.

Why Alltrolite?

Located in California, USA, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high quality LED lights. We strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet and even exceed their expectations. To ensure maximum satisfaction, all our products are individually tested.

 Product # FA9004

  • AlltroLite® stands behind its products with a one year limited manufacturer's warranty with proof of purchase. Any item that does not perform properly due to a manufacturer defect can be returned for a warranty replacement. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or batteries.
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